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C340 - Rare Early SA Ernst Rohm dagger


The Rohm dagger was created to honour Ernst Rohm and was identical to the standard model except for the inscription "In Herzlicher Freundschaft Ernst Rohm", on the reverse of the blade. This dagger was authorized on December 1931. After Rhom's execution in the night of the Long Knives in 1934, all Rhom daggers were to be destoryed or have the inscription removed.

This example has the SA motto "Alles fur Deutchland" on the front and still has the Rhom inscription to the reverse. The blade has suffered due to bad storage, but the brown hardwood grips are in good condition, complete with the die stamped Eagle and SA logo. The cross guards are manufactured from nickel silver and are still in excellent condition with the group mark W+. There is no scabbard and the condition may not be the best, but none the less, a rare SA dagger.

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